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BrainStorm helps you think, plan and organize quickly, thoroughly and effortlessly. You can create order out of information chaos. BrainStorm enables high-speed thinking, planning and organizing. You can capture, store, modify and rearrange ideas and other textual information in a free-form tree-like and hyperlinked model. You can publish and email these 3D models as a single HTML and JavaScript file. You can export to a file or the clipboard as a text outline, ideal for passing to other programs such as work processors, outliners and presentation tools. Cures information indigestion. Very easy to learn and use. BrainStorm lets you capture textual information from any source. Just select what you like the look of and it appears in BrainStorm. Or, of course, you can just type your thoughts straight in. Great for research, fact-gathering, wit-gathering, free-form database building and complex to-do list making. The powerful yet simple commands help you quickly organize your information into a hierarchy, most important at the top least important at the bottom. BrainStorm automatically creates hypertext links between matching entries, wherever they are. (You can easily disconnect unwanted links.) You can move from greater to lesser detail and slip sideways between related information in different contexts. You can do this with just six keys or, of course, the mouse. The pathways are similar to those in your brain. The Find command takes you directly to what you are looking for. Most importantly, you do all of the above completely instinctively.

Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows NT4, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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